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Hot Tips for Landlords

Presentation, presentation, presentation - key consideration for prospective Landlords.

Danielle Thirsk, Lettings Manager at our Marble Arch branch offers your some tried and tested hot tips guaranteed to set your property apart from others on the market and to speed up the process of finding a tenant.

  1. Ensure interior of property is spotlessly clean including steam cleaning of soft furnishings, curtains, carpets etc. A regular light clean should be arranged whilst property is vacant.
  2. Decorations should be fresh and any touching up done prior to marketing
  3. Tidy up exterior: street door, common parts, patios or garden - first impressions are important.
  4. Remove junk mail regularly.
  5. Clean windows (inside and out).
  6. Plant up any patios or garden to enhance the outlook. A colourful window box or tub can make a vast difference.
  7. Ensure appliances work well and look clean and operational (remember to have the fridge/freezer defrosted and to clean extractor hood).  Instruction manuals should be presented in an organized fashion.
  8. Ensure lighting is fully operational and bulbs are replaced as necessary (especially important in winter). Unfurnished properties may need additional lights to aid viewings.
  9. In winter the heating should be left on (the benefit of this is tremendous).
  10. Furnished properties should be well presented with beds made up with new or well-pressed linen and surfaces should be free from clutter.

Danielle Thirsk
Lettings Manager
Marble Arch Office

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