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Who To Offer It To - The Target Markets

Unless you are prepared to spend an enormous amount of time and money advertising your property, showing people round, having the necessary legal documents drawn up, and have experience of the property rentals business, you are ill-advised to handle the letting yourself.

An experienced rentals agent should have a long list of contacts from which to draw potential tenants, a good marketing strategy, and the resources to advertise the property at more favourable rates than an individual and with greater impact.

Plaza Estates also has an excellent website which is updated daily with a preferential ranking to many search engines and links to the main property websites.

The agent will also draw up the appropriate tenancy agreement, take up references, organise an inventory on your behalf, transfer the utilities and provide management support if required.

A large proportion of the central London property rentals market comprises corporate tenants re-locating employees to London. The company selects the accommodation through approved agents, and in some cases will also sign the agreements and pay the rent. Some blue chip companies will provide a guarantee in lieu of a deposit.

Non-corporate tenants are individuals who choose to, or need to rent for other reasons. A reputable agent is trained to vet noncorporate tenants, seek references, secure the necessary deposit and use professional judgement, contacts and expertise to ensure that the tenancy runs as smoothly as possible.

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