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3 reasons to hire a good property solicitor (when selling)

By Maurice Shasha  //  Thu 23rd November 2017
This article explains why it pays to sometimes spend a little more for a good property solicitor when selling.
Why it pays to hire a good property solicitor when selling
There are property solicitors and there are property solicitors. But if you're selling a property – or buying - on the open market, you will usually call on the expertise of a property solicitor.

When selling a property, a property solicitor will become more actively involved upon agreement of sale. He or she will then remain on the sidelines during the exchange of contracts, approving the deeds of transfer, and handing over the deeds on completion. A property solicitor will, among other things, prepare and send out any legal information involved in conveyancing. But a good property solicitor can make the process of selling a property run more smoothly, and we encourage sellers to have one in place.

But why hire a property solicitor, and are they worth the expense? In a word, yes. There are many reasons to hire a property solicitor when selling your property, but we've come up with three reasons to hire this type of professional to help you during the sales process.

1) All the legal matters are taken care of

Even if you're a practicing solicitor yourself, unless you know about property law and conveyancing it's usually best to leave this specialised work to a property solicitor or licensed conveyancer. A legal professional will deal with the contract and all the legal paperwork, and be able to offer expert advice on the legalities involved. The solicitor will also be able to deal with or resolve any legal problems which may arise. All the legal matters will be taken care of, saving you time.

2) Liaising with the buyer's property solicitor

Let's say the person buying your property has a very efficient and competent property solicitor on board. You won't want your property solicitor holding things up or not dealing with issues in a timely manner – another reason for making sure you hire a good solicitor. Your buyer's solicitor may have questions, and you want to be able to feel that you can leave all that in the capable hands of your solicitor.

3) Speeding up the sales process

As well as providing much-needed reassurance that the legal aspects of the sale are being taken care of, a good property solicitor will be dedicated to the task at hand and be proactive in getting things done. You shouldn't have to chase up the solicitor – they should not be the reason for holding things up. Any legal issues which may pop up should be dealt with smoothly and as quickly as possible.

When buying or selling any property, the legal aspects are important to get right. This is why it's so essential to hire a good property solicitor who you feel you can trust to manage all legal matters relating to the sale of your property on your behalf.

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