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Time to move out of Central London

By Maurice Shasha  //  Tue 3rd January 2017
If you are considering cashing in on the value of your Central London home and moving to the country, here are a few things to consider.
Swapping Central London for rural life
The latest data from the Office for National Statistics shows that for every 1000 people who move to London, 1278 people leave.

From Knightsbridge to Paddington, residents are packing their bags and heading for a new life beyond the M25.

But if a more sedate pace of life appeals and you want to take the advice of BBC2 show Escape To The Country on board, here are a few things to consider.

Café culture reigns supreme in Central London. You are never more than a few steps from your coffee fix and there are plenty of people for you to watch whilst you drink it. Elsewhere that cappuccino and croissant may be harder to find and could involve getting the car out of the garage rather than a leisurely stroll across the most popular parts of Paddington, Marble Arch or Knightsbridge.

If you didn’t need a car in Central London then you certainly will elsewhere. It is all too easy to take both the availability of public transport and the short travel-to-work distances for granted.

In the country, the Tube is unheard of, buses are an endangered species and trains are infrequent.

The vast majority of cafés, bars and clubs close earlier outside London and the nearest branch of Waitrose could be miles away.

On the other hand, prices are lower and queues for just about everything are shorter. You will have more spare cash and much more time to enjoy spending it but far less things to spend it on! But beware! Nowhere else in the UK has the great shopping, theatres and nightlife that Central London boasts.

With many professionals in London able to work remotely, rural homes two or three hours away from the capital’s business districts are, however, attracting an increasing amount of attention.

But did you know the slower pace of life in the countryside extends to broadband speed?

A study by the European Commission reveals high-speed broadband coverage in Slovenia, Lithuania and Cyprus outperforms services available in parts of the British countryside.

Europe’s Digital Progress Report found that just 45.9% of rural households in Britain had access to broadband speeds of 30Mpbs – the level that allows users to watch films online.

This level of high-speed rural broadband coverage is “substantially below” the national average of 88% and lower than the service offered to people living in former Communist states. In Slovenia, for example, 54.8% of households have access to broadband speeds of 30Mpbs, while that figure rises to 58.9% in Lithuania.

Compared with Western Europe, Britain’s 45.9% coverage looks even worse. Switzerland has 89% coverage, Belgium 84%, the Netherlands 97% and Luxembourg 98%. Malta tops the table with 100% coverage.

The report goes on to show that rural communities in the Britain also have some of the worst access to high-speed mobile internet connections.

Only 9.4% of residents in rural areas have access to long-term evolution coverage, the highest standard of mobile internet, compared with the EU average of 27%. This puts UK rural LTE mobile coverage behind Hungary (15%) and Romania (17%).

If you are still determined to escape Paddington, Marble Arch, Knightsbridge or any other part of Central London for life in the country, or have set your heart on a semi-detached house with a garden in the suburbs, Plaza Estates can help.

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