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London Mayoral Elections - Where do the Candidates Stand on Homes and Property?

By Maurice Shasha  //  Mon 26th April 2021
With less than a fortnight until voters cast their ballots in the upcoming Mayoral elections on 6 May, what do the candidates have to say about housing - often the most pressing issue for Londoners?
London Mayoral Elections - Housing Policies
Whether you’re a homeowner, or an aspiring one, a member of generation rent or a landlord, the person who gets to run London could have a big impact on your housing situation. Read on for the key housing pledges in the manifestos from the Labour, Green, Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties.  

For Labour, the sitting mayor Sadiq Khan puts his pledge to end London’s housing crisis significantly lower down his list of priorities than at the previous election. The Mayor wants to build 10,000 new council homes, while exploring a new “right to buy back” fund which would support councils to purchase homes sold through the right to buy scheme. He also wants an affordable homes plan to build more properties for social rent, with new space, safety and quality standards. 

Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey has pledged to build 100,000 homes costing £100,000 through a massive shared ownership programme. First-time buyers under 40 would be able to buy a share in one of the properties with a deposit of £5,000. He also wants to see homeless people given a place to live regardless of circumstances. 

The Liberal Democrats’ Luisa Porritt would set up a central housing company responsible for building homes and “bringing empty properties back into use, maximising the use of public land, driving forward the affordable homes programme”. She also has a plan for converting offices into “affordable, zero-carbon homes”. 

And Sian Berry for the Greens is campaigning to introduce rent control powers and abolish no-fault evictions. She would create a commission aimed at putting London rents on a “downward trajectory” and support tenants to set up co-ops and buy out their landlords. 

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