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Assistance in providing safe rental  London accommodation

Letting Safety Checklist For London Landlords

By Anthony Irving  //  Wed 7th August 2019
The majority of landlords want the peace of mind that comes with providing tenants with a safe property.

Letting Safety Checklist For London Landlords

One of the most significant issues for landlords is ensuring their rental property is safe. The introduction of the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act has reinforced the need for landlords to provide a reliable and dependable rental property. Failure to do so can lead to landlords being sued by their tenants, which is a considerable penalty for letting industry professionals.

At Plaza Estates, we know many London landlords need assistance in providing safe rental accommodation. The majority of landlords want the peace of mind that comes with providing tenants with a safe property. When tenants are safe, they are more likely to be happy, and satisfied tenants make life easier for landlords in the short and long-term.

When a tenant is happy, they are more likely to pay on time, they will take better care of the rental property, and they are likely to stay in the rental property for longer. Therefore, if you’re a landlord, it makes sense to make health and safety a priority in your rental property.

Smoke alarms are a requirement in rental accommodation

For the first day of the rental tenancy, the accommodation must have working smoke alarms in place, this is a requirement by law. These smoke alarms should be tested regularly throughout the tenure and should be maintained in working condition.

Depending on the nature of the rental property, there may be a need to fit carbon monoxide alarms in the rental property. However, even if this isn’t a legal requirement, some landlords will decide it is best to install these alarms to create peace of mind for them and the tenant.

Gas safety certificate

Landlords are required to ensure their rental property has a gas safety certificate before the tenant moves into the property. This gas safety certificate must be renewed on an annual basis.

It is critical landlords only enlist the services of qualified professionals to review the gas safety in the rental property.

Energy Performance Certificate

There is a legal requirement for rental properties to hold an EPC rating of an E or higher, and this ruling has been in effect since April of 2018. There are some exemptions to this ruling, but the majority of rental properties will require this certification, so make sure your rental properties have been evaluated.

Fire safety regulations

If a landlord provides furniture in the property, they must ensure all supplied furniture has appropriate fire labels, and that all items have been fireproofed. A failure to do so will see a landlord liable. This is a requirement whether the property is fully furnished, or the landlord has provided a single item for the tenant.

Legionella tests

Landlords are required to carry out a risk assessment relating to exposure to Legionella. Legionella is a devastating disease and can occur in rental accommodation that has been empty. The tests are straightforward, but landlords should undertake these steps regularly.

If you are a London landlord looking for guidance and assistance in letting property in London, contact Plaza Estates, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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