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Penthouse living: will it be right for you?

By Maurice Shasha  //  Thu 8th February 2018
If you're planning to rent or buy a penthouse, here are a few things to consider before you do.
Will penthouse living be right for you?
Who hasn’t daydreamed of living in a penthouse, with panoramic views stretching out across London?

There is usually a premium on buying a penthouse. It is generally the highest value apartment in a residential development. But if you aspire to live in a spacious, customisable apartment with unobstructed views out across the city below, then that premium may be a price worth paying.

Penthouse living

Living in a luxurious rooftop apartment with panoramic views over one of the most glamorous cities in the world is a reality for some people, and many still aspire to this lifestyle. Penthouse living is the ultimate dream for some people. But would living in a penthouse suit you?

Although there are many advantages to a penthouse lifestyle, there are some things you should consider before you decide to move 'up' in the world.

Health risks

Yes, living in a penthouse can be dangerous. Research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal paints a rather sombre picture of living in a high-rise apartment. According to a survey taken from people living in the centre of Toronto, people who suffered from cardiac arrest were five times more likely to die if they lived on or above the 16th floor than those living below. If they lived above the 25th floor, they had no chance of surviving.

The reason given for this is the time it took for paramedics to reach the patient on the top floor. So, if you are thinking of living in a penthouse, it would be worth checking how many floors there are below you - or get a health check before you move in.

Heavy weather

Many people who live in a penthouse high above the rest of the world have found that stormy weather, which can be an inconvenience to people living at ground level, can be quite treacherous at the top of a high building. Winds are always stronger the higher up you go, so living in a penthouse

can be like living in a wind tunnel.

A waiting game

Living on the very top of a building will mean being dependent on an efficient and well-maintained lift. However, even without lift breakdowns, there will still be an element of waiting during peak times. But in high-end, well-operated residential developments, lift problems should not really arise.

Let us help

Though we have given some things to consider before buying or choosing to rent a penthouse, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience to live in a penthouse apartment.

At Plaza Estates we have the experience to answer all your questions regarding penthouses, and can give you sound advice regarding penthouses in central London.

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