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Investors still see long-term benefits of property despite tax changes

By Maurice Shasha  //  Tue 25th July 2017
The majority of UK landlords still believe investing in property in the long-term is a worthwhile investment, despite tax changes.
Today's investors remain confident in the long-term health of the buyto- let property market.
57% of landlords still believe that investing in property in the long-term is a worthwhile investment, despite changes to mortgage interest tax relief.

The changes to tax relief have not changed the view of most landlords, who remain focused on 'long-term growth' over 'tax efficiency'.

Interestingly, landlords still consider investment in residential property relatively risk-free, and continue to express confidence in the proved stability of UK property investment despite Brexit and the current degree of political uncertainty.

The buy-to-let sector has been hit by a series of changes in recent years. This includes a 3% stamp duty rise introduced in April last year, and the changes to mortgage tax relief, which are being phased in over a number of years, but were first rolled out in April 2017.

The studies, carried out by Property Partners, also looked at potential landlords of the future. The majority of these landlords consider investing in residential property within the UK to be problematic, partly due to having to manage tenants.

However, Chief Executive Officer at Property Partner, Dan Gandesha, said: "This research underscores the confidence being shown in the buy to let sector across the UK. It really highlights that, despite efforts to increase the tax take from landlords, investors continue to be bullish and see property as a secure, long term investment".

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