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Storage ideas for small apartments

By Maurice Shasha  //  Tue 26th June 2018
Are you struggling to know how to introduce storage space into a small apartment? This article looks at ways to create space in small rental apartments, in both furnished and unfurnished properties.
Discover storage ideas for small apartments
Land is becoming increasingly scarce in London. Properties in the capital which boast outside space are highly valuable, and roof terraces are the stand-in for back gardens. In a market where any outside space is a luxury and space comes at premium prices, more of us are residing in flats and apartments.

No matter what size rooms people have, there never seems enough space to keep all the knick-knacks that modern living attracts. Smart storage solutions are surely the answer, along with the occasional clear-out. But how do landlords cope with the problem when trying to attract tenants to small apartments?

Unfurnished properties
Landlords advertising unfurnished properties with restricted room space technically have no need to offer any storage units that could be considered furniture. However, adding some storage units as part of the tenancy would make the property more attractive to prospective tenants, as would a few well-placed units in alcoves or some shelves in the kitchen for utensils, or in the living area for books. This could prove to be the deal-maker for a prospective tenant.

Furnished properties
Although people looking to rent furnished apartments or flats may not have furniture, they will have some possessions, and they will need somewhere to keep them.

Landlords renting furnished apartments or houses with very little living space can raise the bar when it comes to storage for small apartments. There are plenty of small apartment storage ideas on the internet and the printed media.

Under the bed compartments, shelves, storage cupboards and draws will certainly make their apartments and houses more attractive if they supply storage space in their furnishings.

Storage for small apartments is not only a problem for landlords. Tenants also need to be aware of what solutions are available to create space in small living areas.

Below are some tips to create space in small rooms that can benefit landlords and tenants. The secret of keeping small rooms tidy is to use every nook and cranny to keep your belongings neat and tidy. There are some things you do not want on display and these can be hidden away in draws and boxes. There are other things you will want on display, so these will be crying out for shelves.

The Bathroom
The bathroom will probably be the smallest room and a place where space is really at a premium. One way of giving the illusion of space is to place a large mirror on the wall.

The space above the toilet is often unused so add some shelves there. Some people have suggested using a wine rack where towels and washcloths can be rolled up and stored in places designed for holding bottles.

The kitchen

The problem most people have with kitchens is clutter. There are so many things that a cook needs to keep the kitchen functioning - condiments, spice jars, tea, coffee, sugar caddies, utensils, appliance - and these all take up space. Wire organisers or racks can be used to store many of these things horizontally to save space on the worktops. If possible, hang some of them on hooks inside cupboards to create even more space.

The bedroom
The biggest challenge in the bedroom is the bed itself, especially if a new tenant is bringing their own large bed to a small bedroom. The obvious way of using available space is storage units put under the bed. These can be used to store any clothing or articles not required for daily use. A bedside table with shelves is another way to store things.

The living room
A living room can be transformed by the addition of shelves and storage units. However, there are other ways space can be created to make living easier and more comfortable. For example, if there is a need for an office in the room, it can be easily achieved if there is an alcove available.

A simple plank made into a shelf that can be used as the desktop plus some shelves above for storing books and files.

A television can often take up more space than it should. However, if the screen is surrounded by shelves it would blend into a very useful storage system. There are some TV units that can be moved around on wheels to make it more compatible for living in a small room.

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