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Death of the Capital City Reports Have Been Exaggerated

By Maurice Shasha  //  Mon 27th September 2021
Research among city dwellers in London and Paris have revealed little change in people’s satisfaction with urban living, despite reports of an exodus to the country following the coronavirus pandemic.
Death of the Capital City Reports Have Been Exaggerated
The study, by Ipsos Mori for King’s College London and the Université de Paris, found only a small change in the number of residents of the two cities who were planning to leave, in spite of lockdowns and cafe and restaurant closures. 

The survey revealed that 56% of Londoners were satisfied with schools, transport and police in their city, a big increase since 2019, when the figure was 37%. Satisfaction with London dwellers’ local area as a place to live was down just 1% in two years, at 63%.  

While more Londoners admitted to plans to leave the capital within five years than previously (43% compared 37%), two thirds (66%) believed their city would bounce back from the Covid crisis. 

According to Jack Brown, lecturer in London studies at King’s College: “At a time when the pandemic has brought the future of urban life into question, it’s reassuring to see that the ‘death of the city’ feared by some has not manifested.”  

Kelly Beaver of Ipsos Mori said: “The [reported] ‘decline of the city’ doesn’t seem to take enough account of the views and beliefs of the people who live in them – who are mostly happy with where they live. The future of London and Paris as powerhouse capital cities seems secure.” 

Among London’s non-homeowners 89% believed property was too expensive for them, although 73% thought their city was a good place to start a career, compared to 51% of Parisians. 

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