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Currys Launch Cash for Trash Electronics Recycling Scheme

By Maurice Shasha  //  Mon 28th March 2022
Appliance and technology retailer Currys has launched a scheme where customers can swap their unwanted tech for a voucher worth at least £5.
Currys Electronics Recycling Scheme
The scheme runs until 15 April and applies to everything from mobile phones to TVs and small domestic appliances. 

The scheme follows research from the Environmental Audit Committee, which found that 527 million tech items are languishing in cupboards across the land. While the majority of these are mobile phones, (67% according to Currys’ research) Britons are hoarding a whole range of goods including hairstyling products, speakers, landlines and headphones. 

Currently around 155,000 tons of electronic equipment ends up in landfill each year. According to Lindsay Haselhurst, from Currys, as a nation we’re “sitting on a goldmine” of unused tech. 

She said: “We are already helping thousands of customers recycle unwanted tech every day. But Cash for Trash aims to take it to the next level. This trial is all about making recycling easy and rewarding. 

“We’re urging the nation to look in drawers, under the sofa and up in the loft – as these unused tech devices that have seen better days could be repaired, rehomed, or recycled into something new.” 

Currys accepts tech to the scheme, regardless of where it was purchased and whether or not it is working. 

Research from Currys showed people find current electronic recycling schemes confusing and want assurances that personal data on their devices would be handled properly. 

Ms Haselhurst said: “You can be confident that your tech will be handled responsibly by the thousands of dedicated Currys colleagues who are experts in diagnosing and advising on the best outcome for unwanted and broken items – whether that’s repairing, refurbishing, or recycling.” 

Read more about this story in iNews and find the scheme on the Currys website. 

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