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Scorched earth: aerial view of Hyde Park reveals extent of dryness caused by heatwave

By Maurice Shasha  //  Fri 20th July 2018
Aerial photographs of Hyde Park and other green spaces in London show the extent of the dry grass conditions following the heatwave, which is set to continue into August.
The grass in one of London's best-loved parks, Hyde Park, now resembles straw as a result of the pro
It's been a long summer, and the hot conditions are set to continue, but the dry weather has already left its mark on the London landscape.

Hyde Park, which is usually an appealing mass of lush-green grass, currently resembles a hay-covered piece of land when viewed from the air.

As a hosepipe ban looms, an aerial photograph of Hyde Park and the surrounding area reveals the extent of how dry the conditions are following a protracted heatwave.

Though some rain has been forecast for the UK, it seems unlikely we will receive enough rain to turn the now-yellowing Hyde Park back to green.

Other aerial photographs shine a light on how non-green Green Park is, and how dry the large expanses of Regent's Park and Clapham Common currently are.

Londoners have enjoyed warm and sunny weather conditions for days on end now, but quite a lot of rain will be needed to bring the straw-like grass in Hyde Park back to health.

In the meantime, we recommend a trip to Hyde Park to see The London Mastaba, a free to view, largescale sculpture afloat on The Serpentine.

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