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Eitan Fox Plaza Estates Director
Eitan Fox
Sales Director (Knightsbridge)

I started at Plaza Estates in 1986. Eleven years were spent successfully running the Marble Arch office. Subsequently, I was asked to take on the exciting challenge of running the Sales Department in our Knightsbridge office. I have built an experienced team with the ethos that local knowledge, hard work and professional service will always provide success to our clients. With ever changing technology of which Plaza Estates are at the cutting edge of, I have often been asked, with over 30 years in the business, how I retain my enthusiasm? I am delighted to say many of our multi million pound clients are genuinely my friends and I have a great passion for people. My staff and I never forget that this challenging industry ultimately is a 'Peoples Business'. Therefore I would welcome the opportunity to help you with your property needs and hope you will allow our fully equipped and motivated team to provide you with their professional assistance.

Blog posts by Eitan Fox
Calculating Rental Yield
Mon 16th May 2022
Rental yield offers a valuable overview of whether a property is likely to be a profitable investment. It should be a landlord’s primary concern when buying an investment prop...
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Sales Market Comment - Spring 2022
Thu 7th April 2022
The prime residential central London property market has navigated through 4 years of Brexit, 2 years of a global pandemic and now a significant war in Eastern Europe which st...
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Damp and mould caused by rising damp is a structural issue and is the landlord’s responsibility to r
Mon 21st March 2022
Condensation is the most common cause of damp in rented properties. It happens when moisture in the air lands on cold surfaces, causing water droplets to form, which can resul...
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Property Investment Case Study
Mon 7th February 2022
This recent client case study shows that property remains a solid and sound long term investment. ...
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Wed 19th January 2022
The last quarter of 2021 and our second year of “living with Covid” year saw the Prime Central London sales market react quite positively....
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Capital Gains Tax on Buy To Let Property
Mon 17th January 2022
If you are thinking of selling your buy-to-let property, you need to understand capital gains tax (CGT) and how much your final bill is likely to be. ...
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Tenant Fee Ban Act
Mon 6th September 2021
The Tenant Fee Ban Act, first introduced in June 2019, now effects all residential landlords in England. This is a new piece of legislation that landlords can’t afford to igno...
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Wed 21st July 2021
Entering the summer there is a real optimism for the future of the prime central London property market....
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Sales Market Comment - Spring 2021
Tue 23rd March 2021
The UK government has laid out its road map to exit lockdown, hopefully allowing borders to open up and a sense of normality to return. ...
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10 Things to Know When Getting a Mortgage
Mon 15th March 2021
If you are considering buying a home in the next few months, it is a good idea to brush up on your mortgage knowledge. Here are 10 things you should know before applying for a...
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Tue 19th January 2021
We are confident that London’s Prime Central London property market will remain attractive and that there will be many transaction opportunities....
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The world's first second-hand Ikea store is scheduled to open in Sweden later this year.
Wed 11th November 2020
Currently, 45% of total global carbon emissions come from the way the world produces and uses everyday products, so Buy Back represents an opportunity to address unsustainable...
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Bank of England base rate remaining at the 0.1% record low
Wed 28th October 2020
Last year, Danish bank Jyske introduced a ten-year fixed-rate mortgage with a rate of -0.5%. However, the mortgage attracted fees which outweighed the negative interest - mean...
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Thu 15th October 2020
Like all sound and sensible negotiations both vendor and buyer must be prepared to move from their expectations and compromise....
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In the survey, Kensington Palace Gardens is named the country’s most expensive road for the 12th yea
Tue 13th October 2020
In the survey, Kensington Palace Gardens is named the country’s most expensive road for the 12th year running with an average price tag of £35.9 million....
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How to create a property inventory
Sat 10th October 2020
Some landlords believe that if their property is not fully furnished then they do not need an inventory. This is a grave mistake to make....
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Four out of 10 respondents said a garden or balcony is now a top priority.
Tue 29th September 2020
Four out of 10 respondents said a garden or balcony is now a top priority, with a third aiming to buy near a park or the countryside. ...
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Mon 17th August 2020
With a global pandemic, you would assume that London’s Prime Central residential property market would be on its knees ......
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Tue 4th August 2020
The transactions that have taken place both vendors and buyers have been willing to move on their expectation, but for much of the market there is at present a standoff....
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The chancellor has asked the Office for Tax Simplification to review CGT
Mon 27th July 2020
The chancellor has asked the Office for Tax Simplification to review CGT - the tax on the profits made when people sell second homes and other assets...
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So, if you’re looking for some mental stimulation, here are a few ideas
Mon 15th June 2020
There is still no sign that the cultural sector will restart any time soon. So, if you’re looking for some mental stimulation, here are a few ideas...
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Mon 11th May 2020
The NAEA is asking the government for a support package, including a £1,500 loan for home buyers and a six-month stamp duty holiday. ...
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NRLA chief executive, said that while landlords need to be flexible if their tenants are struggling,
Fri 17th April 2020
Landlords struggling to pay their mortgage were also told that they can apply for a three-month payment holiday, thanks to a scheme from the government and the banks....
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Thu 20th February 2020
A selection of recently sold properties by our Knightsbridge office....
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Co-buying a property with friends or family.
Mon 10th February 2020
Co-buying involves up to four friends or family members investing in a property together. The main advantage is that you can buy a stake in a home sooner, rather than later, s...
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Property investors support a stamp duty surcharge for non-UK buyers, a new study has found.
Mon 27th January 2020
However, 61% of people taking part in the survey believed that the government will fail to reach its target of building one million new homes by 2025....
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Tue 21st January 2020
Prime Central London property market is starting the new decade with greater optimism, than has been experienced for over half of the last decade....
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Thu 16th January 2020
After a resounding general election and the uncertainty around Brexit significantly reduced, there is a strong feeling that values have bottomed out, resulting in a build- up ...
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Tenant ‘right to buy’ plans
Mon 25th November 2019
It is believed the party had a change of heart because of fears that the policy would be unworkable; a change which was welcomed by the National Landlords Association (NLA)....
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Tue 5th November 2019
By April 2020 landlords of private rented domestic property will need to make sure their rental homes achieve at least an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of E....
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The Complete University Guide’s top 10
Mon 4th November 2019
A poll for the BBC placed London above Tokyo, Paris and previous winner, Montreal for factors including the stature of its institutions, the local jobs market, cultural divers...
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Mon 7th October 2019
However the increase in rental returns which is fuelled by a shortage of stock, means that people are starting to see improved returns on rental investment property....
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Thu 5th September 2019
We invite you to view some of the special and well-priced properties for Summer 2019 that we have selected....
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Happy tenants
Mon 12th August 2019
David Smith, policy director at the Residential Landlords Association, said: “Today’s English Housing Survey dispels the myth that private renting means insecure tenancies and...
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Five questions to ask before you fly the nest
Thu 8th August 2019
While moving away from home for the first time can be exciting, there are plenty of stresses too. It's a big change and you need to plan, prepare and get organised. We’ve come...
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Thu 25th July 2019
From the Fourth Plinth to Art on the Underground, our city has a rich heritage of showcasing public art, and I am delighted that Illuminated River is bringing more free and ac...
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The future of food at the V&A
Thu 4th July 2019
If you’ve ever wondered about the future of food and farming, and how we might eat in a more sustainable way, an exhibition at the V&A, Knightsbridge has a few answers. ...
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Thu 6th June 2019
We have been contacted over the last couple of months by many of our returning clients looking to take advantage of the favourable buying conditions....
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Mon 18th March 2019
Whilst property prices have been depressed over the last 4 years, it does feel that the market could be on the turn. ...
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Tue 4th December 2018
On a £2 million property used as a second home and sold after five years they would face taxes worth around 13% of the property’s value. This compares with almost 35% in Vanco...
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Mon 8th October 2018
More proactive investors will take the opportunity to invest in one of the worlds essential and most important capital cities, where trade and investment will take place in an...
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Mon 4th June 2018
We are pleased to report, compared to this time last year, there is a 17% increase in properties coming to the market....
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Mon 12th March 2018
"Properties that we have sold this year have been correctly priced and those which have remained on the market where vendors are still holding out for a price based on their e...
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Mon 22nd January 2018
The encouraging increase in business during the last quarter of 2017 and the already favourable activity in 2018 means the forecast for this year is much brighter....
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Thu 26th October 2017
Many have anticipated the signs that the pound could further improve, getting closer to it’s pre Brexit position....
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Sales Summer Market Comment by Eitan Fox 2017
Fri 14th July 2017
Sales Summer Market Comment 2017 by Eitan Fox...
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Thu 4th May 2017
We are pleased to announce that 2017 has seen a significant upturn in activity compared to the Autumn/Winter period of 2016....
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Tue 24th January 2017
2016 proved to be a very challenging year....
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Mortgage rates sink to record lows
Mon 21st November 2016
Lender offers seven-year fixed rate mortgage deal as average two-year tracker rate breaks 2% barrier for the first time on record...
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How much stamp duty will I pay when buying a property in Paddington
Mon 14th November 2016
How much stamp duty will I pay when buying a property in Paddington? ...
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Eitan Fox | Sales Market Comment Autumn 2016 | Plaza Estates
Thu 13th October 2016
Following the vote to Brexit the EU and after the summer period things are looking slightly clearer. However forecasts in to 2017 vary widely....
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Stock markets falling due to turmoil over fears for Germanys top Banks
Tue 27th September 2016
With stock markets falling due to turmoil over fears for Germanys top Banks and concern over Chinese debt surely the best investment is the safe haven of prime central London ...
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 Plaza Estates Market Comments 2016
Fri 29th July 2016
With the EU Referendum behind us and the unexpected result which saw the country vote 52% to 48% in favour of leaving the EU...
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Wed 6th April 2016
the forthcoming EU referendum in June, whether the UK will remain “in” or “out” or as it is known “Brexit”, ...
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Mon 7th December 2015
Even industry pundits were expecting a marked slowdown. However, our experience points to a very different picture....
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Wed 2nd December 2015
There has been vastly improved activity in the prime Central London property market in the Autumn period....
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Thu 24th September 2015
owever, the stamp duty increases have meant that there was a slowdown in transactions over the summer period....
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Thu 9th April 2015
Media reports are that prime central London property market is slowing down due to uncertainty leading up to the general election in May....
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Fri 23rd January 2015
Well the early indications for 2015 is that the market has just maintained this trend and that it is business as usual....
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Sun 18th January 2015
With the conclusive election results this will further ease any uncertainty that vendors and buyers may have faced....
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Sat 10th January 2015
Higher property taxes along with political and economic uncertainty have continued to supress prime Central London residential values throughout 2016....
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Sat 23rd August 2014
The summer months in London are always a transitional period for the prime central London market....
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Sun 23rd February 2014
2013 proved to be a very productive and successful year for prime central London property....
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Thu 23rd May 2013
Whilst emerging BRIC’s markets ensure that investment remains steady, fuelled by a weak pound....
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Tue 17th July 2012
It seems like the world’s eyes are upon London. After a rousing jubilee celebration, we only have a few short weeks before the start of the Olympics....
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